Is it possible to make binary options with more than one broker?

Investors looking for a reliable binary options broker seems like a big deal. Many traders have difficulty making the final decision on choosing the right broker. However, there are several traders who believe that they are trading through two different brokers.
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Binary options transactions using two brokers are possible and available at the same time. Compared to trading with a single broker, a binary broker has many advantages related to binary trading. In this article, the possible advantages of trading with two brokers in binary options trading are discussed below to inform traders about the probability.
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Protection of bets

The main reason for appointing two binary brokers at once is that no broker is reliable. In trade, the word “hedge” has many meanings to protect the amount of investment in trade through insurance. Traders can easily maintain their bets in binary options trading by choosing multiple brokers to make sure which one is better. By providing different services and keeping investments in the accounts of two different brokers, an investor can protect his money in case of loss of collateral of any of the brokers.

Availability of Double Bonus

This is one of the biggest benefits of having a binary options broker in binary options trading. Each broker offers excellent bonus packages for investors. So why not use a double bonus from two different brokers. This kind of bonus money helps the trader to trade without any risk and make a huge profit. However, it is important to note that not all bonuses are equal and that different rules must be followed. A small bonus may be collected in the form of cash, but a portion is also added that can be raised and can only be obtained when the trading volume reaches a peak.

Comparison of the presented features

Another important advantage that a trader gets when using the services of two brokers is that each broker is able to compare the services and features offered. In this way, a broker with the best features and superior customer service can be identified. In a feature race, investors cannot distinguish the customer service department that is actually required, regardless of the large number of trades offered by the broker. Within a week or two, the trader can make the perfect decision regarding the best broker.


Why Do You Trade Your Binary Options?

The number of people trading binary options is growing rapidly. New binary options sites are popping up everywhere, and as the competition grows, registration offers become more and more attractive. For those who are struggling to enter this new form of investment, we explain why people trade binary options and why they are dominating the financial world:
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Good money

The truth is, if you look at the investment market, binary options trading is one of the only ways to earn 65-71% on stock, commodity, currency or index trading. Depending on the underlying asset you choose to invest in, you can make a significant profit.
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Your success depends on only one outcome – the degree of your main asset at the end. Of course, there is a need for some brain power. To trade binary options, you need to learn the behavior of the underlying assets that interest you, but you don’t need to be a talented analyst or forecaster to turn that knowledge into profit. You just have to understand the general trends and predict the direction in which an entity will move. If you can do this, you can earn thousands of dollars a week.
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The risk is less

One of the biggest features that forces people to make trading choices is the 15% security net income offered by most platforms when your money runs out. Whenever you receive a call or binary options, a reverse option is automatically selected and saves 15% of your investment. For example, you invest $ 5,000 in a trade that brings in 70% of your profits, and you succeed when the time is up. It turned out to be $ 8,500. The reverse period will still give you a refund of $ 750.
You do not need to be a financial expert

As I said above, you don’t have to be an investment guru to trade binary options. Most investment enthusiasts think that in order to enter the game, you need to be a genius in a financial market. This can happen with other investment instruments, but not when you are trading binary options. Everything is to predict the direction of the market, and only direction. All you have to do is read financial news from your favorite internet news source for a few hours (probably part of your daily routine). In addition, binary options are very easy to trade online. With just a click of an arrow, you select Call or Paste Options.
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You have 1 hour and money

In fact, most binary options investors will tell you that the best way to trade is to choose a 1-hour expiration date. This is the optimal choice, because the less time, the less chance for fluctuations. Unlike major investment instruments, you don’t have to wait a month or a year to increase your investment. You can be a few thousand dollars richer in 1 simple hour.
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There are bonuses

Most option trading sites reward members who trade dozens of binary options by distributing bonus cash. For example, the site will give an additional member $ 20 for every $ 100 deposit. Some sites have special weekend and holiday bonuses, and it is also quite common to receive promotional emails with a more personalized offer. For example, your binary options trading site may offer you a better ratio for a limited time if you are trading binary options in your favorite underlying asset.
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Installation is completely free
You don’t need an intermediary or a consultant to trade in digital options and you won’t pay any commission. If you come across a site that wants free registration, go fast! No one takes a piece of your earnings, and they are yours whenever you want.


What is the truth about trends in Binary Options Trading?

Binary Options Trend is facilitated by knowing how and where the financial market will lead. Trends are what all binary and forex traders are looking for and trying to decipher.
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In the first article, I gave a little information about how Binary Options Easy works, and now I will delve a little deeper into the aspects of this interesting trading platform.
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One Hour Options, as they are called, can be considered as a tool of the financial market, traders have a hassle-free versatile approach when performing regular “vanilla options” as they are called.

Whether you are looking for a short-term projection of your binary options trend or not, you are protecting your trade, trends can help you get higher payouts in a shorter trading period. This way of predicting trend movement is to gain recognition by traders around the world. Forex binary traders are attracted by a simple binary platform to use and can enter and exit a trade in less than 30 minutes.
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It is available in a number of key assets such as All or None Options, Indices, Commodities, Currencies (Forex Market) and Stocks. Whether a trader has made a call (price increase) or made a (price decrease), there is a period of time during which the trader needs to be correct in terms of the value of the main source of the contract, then they will be in the money.
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But on the other side of the coin, if the trader chooses the wrong asset incorrectly, the trade will be out of money. Many binary options companies are starting to use the so-called “roll”. If you think your binary options trade will run out of money, you can move your bet to the next hour and pay a fee to continue trading.
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This is why it is so easy to choose trends in Binary Options Trading. You only need an hour to make your decisions, so you need to better understand what the trend is. You should pay attention to short-term strategies as we facilitate the direction in which any commodity can move Binary Options trading. Simplified Binary Options can better understand why Option Markets are moving as they are.
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There’s a reason for this, now you just need to learn the principles of good money management, the convenience of a dual platform and strict control over your emotions, and you’re on your way to making big money. But be aware if you want to accept this as a job, not a full-time job gambling.
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Finding Approaches to Trading Binary Options and Forex Currencies Successfully

There are many approaches to trading successfully in the binary options and Forex currency markets. One of the most important aspects of making a profit is having a plan and trading system that analyzes the key aspects that cause market movement for a particular currency pair.

In addition, technical analysis, when combined with accurately deciphered key data, will dramatically increase your chances of success in currency trading.

How does a trader develop a strategy that will increase his profit potential?

One of the first steps a currency trader needs to take is to develop a plan that covers their individual risk tolerance.

Risk tolerance is a unique feature that can only be determined by the individual trader themselves. There are various educational tools that can help a trader determine their appetite for acceptable risks.

Some experts argue that a currency trader should never risk more than 3% of their trading accounts, while others may recommend a higher tolerance for those who have experience in currency trading and can risk up to 10% of their trading account.

Regardless of the percentage of risk tolerance set by the trader, the most important thing is to have a good strategy and the trader to stick to this strategy and adhere to the established amount of risk tolerance.

The currency trading system includes a strategy in which market indicators provide signals to the trader about when to optimize the best opportunity for profit.

There are two types of trading systems that a trader can implement. There are manual trading systems that a trader can use to analyze indicators and receive a signal for the best opportunity to enter and / or exit a trade. Another type of trading system that can be used is an automated trading system that reads, analyzes and logs a transaction on behalf of a trader based on predefined information. Traders may experience an increased risk due to the lack of automated trading system trader access by the trader.

The focus will be on manual trading systems to explain the trading plan and a system.

Manual Binary Options and Forex trading systems are optimized by a currency trader who learns and understands the trading strategy and style that best suits their preferences.

Some currency traders may prefer fast-paced trading and fast-turning potential for profit. Others will prefer a slower pace of trading, which can provide more confirmation than indicators and signals that allow for longer-term trends to be captured.

Whether or not a trader classifies themselves as short-term, medium-term, long-term, or scalp for a profit trader, the reliability of having a consistent plan and system to follow will dramatically increase a trader’s chances of success. , profit.

Binary options and the main goal of a Forex trader are to make a consistent profit.

The best way for a currency trader to achieve this goal is a proven trading plan and trading system.

What is the best time to trade binary options?

While most assets in the binary options market are traditional in listing, such as stocks, commodities, indices, and forex, there is one thing that is better than other financial exchanges. The point is that binary trading is not limited to a specific market. So, if you don’t get a certain type of asset in one market, you will be able to choose from several open markets operating all over the world. There is an opportunity to trade in the market 6 days a week. However, binary trading does not always give the desired result. It requires a lot of activity from traders to create liquidity and volatility. Both of these aspects are necessary for an asset to reach the desired goal before the options expire. Although there are some assets that are sold during the day, it is during a certain period during which the market activity is highest for them. It is a time when the trading times of different countries begin to overlap.

Let’s discuss the best time of day for binary trading. Because not every asset is sold at the same time, the results are better at different times of the day.

Shares are usually sold in a country on a regular basis for 6-8 hours. When it comes to finding the best trading hours for stocks of the best firms, U.S. Markets are the benchmark. Still, there are some European markets of similar importance. If you want to trade in stocks, you need to know when the maximum is traded in one day (in different markets at the same time).

Currency exchange activities (Forex) are most common in London and New York, or in the London and Asian markets, when business hours overlap. Experts believe that the local currencies of the active regions were more volatile than others at that time.

The time is different for each of the goods. You should try to find the time frame of the product you want to invest in.

In order to trade binary options in Index Futures, it is best to participate in the previous period, when the relevant exchange transactions continue and not after.

Once you have determined the best time to trade binary options for the asset of your choice, the profit order is not far from you.

Types of Binary Options Brokers

There are several different binary options intermediaries. Here we will explore different leading platforms and explain how their offers differ and why these differences can be important for traders around the world. We divide the main types of platforms into three classifications: flat European style, no border border and no touch / touch.

Straight European Style Agreements

What many people don’t know about binary options brokers is that they sell contracts that are effectively the same as European-style option contracts in terms of retail instrumentation. For those who are only accustomed to American-style proposals, European treaties differ in one key way: the only time the treaty is over is over. Fans of American-style trading will be used more and more to be able to exercise their right to buy or sell basic security at any time. before expiration date. That is, binary documents, unlike normal European contracts, are traded in three main ways: binary documents are much shorter, give a predetermined high return, and the holder never holds a position in the real stock or asset.

Range Boundary or Barrier

Another subset of broader binary options brokers offers limited boundary or barrier-based assets. Although the aforementioned European-style assets are effectively one-sided (stock prices end above or below a predetermined target – or at a hit price), there will be two sides to a limited asset. A trader then has the option to choose whether they prefer to have an internal range (between prices A and B) or an external range (outside the zone between A and B). Otherwise, contracts trade in the same way: high returns, short-term (measured in minutes, hours, or days), and no actual ownership position when they expire.

Touch / Touch

The third type of offer from some binary options brokers is a touch / touch deal. This is a hybrid approach to binary options trading (depending on the brokers used) and may be a derivative of a number of limited agreements or a European one. The downside of this type of offer is that the investor does not have to wait until the expiration date to find out if the asset is worth the money. If a price target (strike price) is hit time the term of the contract (instead of expiration) is accounted for in cash, regardless of any price activity that occurs after the strike price is struck. These assets have been found to be attractive to a number of investors who are more accustomed to American or US option trading. Note that the target prices are slightly higher than what investors can get when looking at one of the types of offers discussed earlier.

Why trade binary options? Top 6 reasons

It is difficult to make money online. No one can do such a job without risk. The quality of life is improving, but at a higher cost. On the contrary, income opportunities remain limited. People are looking for quick ways to make money. Although some experts say that there is no such thing as fast money, some people still manage to make money faster than others. What is their secret? Some people have exceptional talents that they use to reach the top of the money-making chain. For others, the journey seems endless. However, there is a way out. It will allow you to make money fast, but there is a risk-averse method.

Binary Options trading is an area that anyone with a minimal risk appetite can explore to earn extra cash flow that will allow them to realize their dreams. FOREX Trading, Commodity Trading, Exchange Trading, etc. Binary Options is new compared to. This form of online trading was introduced to the general public in 2008, but today it is a multi-trillion-dollar field where thousands of traders make more money per month than people who work one day!

Yes, there are risks and the biggest danger is losing money. Wrong trades can lead to catastrophic losses, but such losses can be minimized with the necessary training and knowledge. Understanding that the market is extremely difficult and no one in this world can say with confidence that they know the market from the inside! However, those with knowledge and analytical skills can minimize the risks. This article will not cover any form of training, but will explain the 6 best reasons to trade binary options.

6 Reasons to Binary Options Trading

  1. Calculated risks: Unlike FOREX, commodity or stock trading, Binary Options trading allows traders to work with a predetermined risk-reward ratio. Even before opening a trade, a trader will know how much money he will gain in a trade or how much money he will lose if he loses a trade. There are special trading tools where traders can determine the amount of risk they want to take. In other words, they can deduct loss interest when they lose their trade. If they actually lose, the option broker will only deduct the predetermined loss from the actual trading amounts and return the remaining amount to the traders. It does not exist with any other type of trade.
  2. The fastest trade: In Binary Options only, a trader can complete a transaction in a period of up to 30 seconds. There are several brokers like Banc de Swiss that offer 30-second trading opportunities. Other brokers will offer a minimum trading time of 60 seconds. FOREX remains the fastest trade for 60 seconds compared to commodity or stock trading.
  3. 7/24 Trading Opportunity: Traders can trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the Binary Options market. So people who work during the day can actually trade at night or on weekends. This flexibility is not available in other forms of trade.
  4. There are no participating purchases and sales: Unlike other forms of trading, traders do not need to buy or sell anything. Traders simply need to guess in which direction the price of a major asset will move. If the predictions come true, traders win or lose.
  5. Very small initial deposit: Unlike other types of trading, Binary Options trading requires very little initial deposit. Some brokers will allow traders to start trading with just $ 100. The standard is $ 250, which is very low compared to FOREX, commodity or stock trading.
  6. It trades from all over the world: All the option brokers on the market offer the most modern online trading platforms available from anywhere in the world. Traders only need a desktop or laptop computer with an active internet connection to access their online accounts and can trade from anywhere. Even better, many brokers have introduced mobile trading platforms so that traders can trade using such smartphones and tablets while traveling.

But keep in mind, trading Binary Options can be a risky business and you can lose your money. So it is always important that you learn to trade.

Binary Options Broker – How to Choose the Best

Why use a professional binary options broker?

Digital option trading is one of the most lucrative investment opportunities available in the market today. Since the new market regulations announced in 2008, the growth of binary options trading has really catapulted and more and more people are increasing their investment in binary options. Digital option trading has become one of the most popular market investment opportunities thanks to short-term investments and higher returns on these investments.

Investors can trade in the binary options market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At the same time, there is a harsh reality behind such investments. To get a higher return on your investment, you need to have a thorough knowledge of current market trends. Moreover, this market is extremely dynamic and changeable, which shows the importance of constantly watching the latest news and developments in the world market. A reliable and professional binary options brokerage platform is a place where investors can automatically make trading easy and reliable.

How to choose the best binary options broker?

Due to the steady increase in the popularity of binary options trading opportunities, the demand for a reliable and professional is growing binary options broker platforms. Unfortunately, there are several digital options scams in the market that try to sell investors unreliable and untested binary options broker platforms. This can cause serious losses to traders due to the lack of a professional and reliable binary trading program.

When choosing a reliable and professional digital options broker program, you should be aware of the following features and requirements that every successful binary trading program has.

Important binary options broker features that you need to keep in mind

1.) Simple and intuitive user interface – A professional and reliable binary trading program, it offers an easy and simple user interface that saves traders a lot of time and headaches. There is generally no need to spend extra time learning new features and controls of the program. Most of these programs are web-based, and users do not need to download or update trading software on their computers. Users should be able to easily use the program whenever and wherever they want. User-friendly and interactive management is the most important thing we need to observe when choosing the right binary options broker platform.

2.) Ability to invest in many assets – A reliable and professional binary trading program, it offers different types of assets for investment purposes. A trader must be able to invest in a variety of market assets, from forex, indices to stocks and commodities. The program must focus on its ability to invest in all available market assets to maximize trading profits.

3.) Existence of appropriate expiration dates – Some binary trading brokers offer weekly expiration dates, while others offer hourly and end-of-day options to investors. To get maximum control over our trades, it is important to choose a binary trading program that provides expiration dates.

4.) Maximum payment percentage – Professional and popular digital options brokers offer investors the maximum payout percentage. You need to look at a binary trading platform that can offer a minimum 75% – 90% payout percentage for every investment gained and lost. For each unsuccessful trade, traders must earn at least 5% to 10%.

5.) Types of languages ​​offered – To be more comfortable using a binary trading program, it is important that the language of the program is your native language. English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, etc. in the market. There are some professional binary options brokerage platforms that offer languages.

6.) Minimum deposit requirements – You should be able to open a binary trading account on the website for free and there is no need to make initial deposits. Look for binary trading platforms that provide free registration and a minimum deposit.

7.) Payment options – Professional binary options trading platforms include Paypal, bank transfer, credit card and more. Provides payment methods such as. Look for this type of binary or digital option broker that offers many payment withdrawal options.

8.) Higher bonuses – Some digital options offer traders a bonus of up to 25%, which depends on the total turnover of traders and the initial deposit amount. Look for such trading platforms that offer higher bonuses to their users.

9.) Top level customer support – High quality customer service is equally important to get timely support and assistance during any type of trade. Professional digital trading brokers and platforms are constantly providing customer support in many different languages ​​and through many platforms such as email, live chat and phone support.

Top 7 Benefits of Binary Options Trading

Available 7/24

Binary options trading is the easiest type of trading available. Investors do not have to follow a specific schedule and can access any of their existing assets by accessing their accounts at any time.

No large investments are required

In the past, small investors were reluctant to invest because they invested heavily in trade. But now the scenario has changed and even small investors can easily trade in expensive markets. An investment of up to $ 200 will be enough to start trading in the market.

Simple and easy to understand

In general, financial markets are very complex and cover charts, analyzes and various indicators. Binary options trading is very simple compared to other forms of trading and does not require investors to understand such complex details. Investors only need to anticipate the direction of stocks and predict whether stocks will rise or fall over time. Based on market data and their intuition, investors can decide what to do with their binary options. By making the right predictions, investors can make a lot of money.

Quick Results

The investor is free to choose his expiration date. Investors can choose the life of a daily or hourly binary option contract and then be sure of the time they will receive their payments. There are also short-term trading operations for the investor from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. 60-second trading has become very popular, because you can earn up to 75% in one minute.

Risk Management

Trading binary options allows investors to use a variety of strategies to minimize the risks in trading. However, all strategies are based on proper money management. You should never trade more than 5 percent of your total capital. Most binary options traders use 2% of the capital for each consecutive trade. This is a very important point to understand and an instruction to follow. Managing money without proper risk becomes pure gambling.


In all other forms of trading, the uncertainty factor is very high and traders are very worried when investing. In the case of binary options trading, there is not much uncertainty because many parameters are predetermined and traders know the exact expiration dates.

Variety of options

Binary trading platforms generally offer traders a number of options. Binary options contracts offered to traders range from commodities (oil, silver, gold, etc.), Forex (USD / CAD, USD / JPY, etc.) and stocks (Facebook, Google, etc.). This allows the trader to freely choose any contract based on their interests and knowledge.

How to trade binary options in an easy way

Introduction: –

There are a number of options that traders can use when entering Forex trading. One such method is binary options trading. Learning how to trade using this method, especially for beginners in Forex trading, is a great step to ensure that the business is profitable for them. The purpose of this article is to teach beginners in Forex how to trade using binary options, sometimes referred to as digital trading options.

What is binary options trading?

Before learning how to trade using this method, it is important to understand what this method of Forex trading means. Binary options trading, unlike traditional Forex trading options, involves a trader taking a “yes” or “no” position on the price of a financial asset. The method is direct or nothing with a fixed reward and a fixed risk, ie the end result (yes or no position). The different types of binary options include row options, touch or touch options, call counter options, and double touch options.

Key Elements Understanding the key items in this trading method is the first step to understanding how to trade using this method. Regardless of the type of binary option, there are three main elements that any Forex trader should consider. The items are the holiday price, payment offer and expiration date. The strike price refers to the current price of the asset at the time the trader enters trading. The strike price is the price used to determine whether a trader has won or lost.

On the other hand, a payment offer is the amount offered by a binary options broker to a trader and is known before the trader starts taking risks to make money. The expiration date refers to the period from the date of purchase of the option to the date of conclusion of the contract (varies from 60 seconds to one month). How to trade From a trader’s point of view, a digital trading option works by predicting that the price of a particular asset, whether commodity, currency or any other asset, will increase or decrease by a certain amount. time. In other words, the trader invests in this forecast.

The minimum trading money that a trader risks can be up to $ 10. From the beginning, the trader is shown the amount of money he will earn if the forecast is correct. The trader will pay for losing the trade using risky money. That is, if the trader’s prediction is wrong, he will lose the money he bet and risk. On the other hand, if the trader’s prediction is correct, he will receive a return on the money and the range he has risked, generally between 70% and 85%. An example of how to trade Suppose the current price of gold is $ 1,890.50, and a trader estimates that the price of gold will fall in two hours. The payout offer is 70% and the trader bets $ 100 on the forecast. Two hours later, the contract expires and the price of gold drops to 1890.25. This means that the trader makes the right prediction. Thus, a trader will earn $ 70, which is $ 170 and $ 70, regardless of the magnitude of the price change. How to trade binary options for greater profitability A combination of polished technique and an invincible strategy is essential for someone to trade successfully and make a large profit.

Some binary options trading strategies use price analysis in decision making, risk management such as bank management, and technical analysis such as reading candlestick charts. How to trade binary options safely There are significant risks associated with this method. This is because you will pay for losing trades through trading money. As a rule, you should never invest more money in a broker that you will never be able to lose.